What is the purpose of “GetUrgentWork” button In Pega


What is the purpose of “GetUrgentWork” button In Pega / What is the purpose of “GetUrgentWork” button In PRPC Interview Question And Answer :

1.The user clicks the button GetMostUrgent. Your application can register the skills that operator skills in the fields on the WorkAccess tab of the form operator ID. With the settings on this tab, the application can also determine workbaskets that are searched for missions.

2.The click button starts the standard Work-.GetNextWork activity. This simple activity called activity final work-.GetNextWorkObject standard.

3.The GetNextWorkObject pyWorkBasketFirst considering a property to the user. This corresponds to the Get workbaskets first? check on WorkAccess tab. If this is true, it calls the standard activity Work.findAssignmentinWorkbasket. Other, He calls the Standard Work-.findAssignmentinWorklist activity.

4.The work-.findAssignmentInWorkbasket activity considered candidates assignments in workbaskets listed for this operator. Workbaskets are searched in the order they appear in the WorkAccess tab. (The standard list view Workbasket Award-rule. GetNextWork.ALL returns up to 500 postings, sorted in descending order by assignment emergency – property Assign .pxUrgencyAssign.)

5.The decision tree Work-.GetNextWorkCriteria standard is applied to each assignment found, the highest urgency
first. All missions with pyActionTime in the future, those who require skills (pxSkillsRequired) that the current operator does not hold, assignments worked by this operator today (local action) and those that can not be locked (And can be used by others) are left as candidates.

6.Searching ends when he finds the first assignment survivor if one that meets all the criteria. the GetNextWork the activity creates and populates the newAssignPage page moves assignments to the user worklist and locks the object of work.

7.If is found, steps 4-6 above are repeated, but using the activity-working .findAssignmentinWorklist and for standard Assign Worklist.GetNextWork.All list. If the property is false pyWorkBasketFirst for this operator, the research examines the work list before workbaskets.

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