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What is smarting In Pega / In PRPC / Interview Question and answer :

The Smart Info allows you to present a pop-up window when users hold the mouse pointer over specific items in a report list view, summary report of the view, or the shape of the work piece. Intelligent information uses Asynchronous Java and XML (AJAX) technology.The content of the pop-up display are determined by a section rule, presented in read-only mode.

  • To provide a smart pop-up info on a report lines, configure this feature on Format tab of the Display List or Summary View form.
  • To provide users with applications with pop-up Smart Information for information on a non-virgin property value read only on a work item form, use the HTML SmartInfo rule owned by a harness, Section, or under Flow form of action.
  • To provide users with pop-up Smart Information for information on a paragraph in a cell on a form of work object, configure the details intelligent information using intelligent Info icon on the ruler of the paragraph.

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