What is Rule Resolution – Pega Interview Question


What is Rule Resolution – Pega Interview Question :

Rule resolution is the sophisticated internal search algorithm that the system uses to find the best or most appropriate rule instance to apply in a situation like. Rule resolution applies to most, but not all, classes derived from the Rule base class. And Rule resolution doesn’t apply to instances of classes derived from the Work-, Data-, or any other base class.

Rule Resolution occurs whenever a user needs to use a particular rule to accomplish processing in the system. Since there are many different rules that could be applied, Rule Resolution winnows all the rules down to calculate the most accurate way of accomplishing the needed processing. The rule chosen will be the most accurate for the situation involved.

Rule Resolution Steps:

  • Check the cache. if the rule is there, go to Step 8.
  • Choose all instances with correct purpose
  • Discard rules where Availability = No.
  • Discard inapplicable Rule Sets and Versions
  • Discard all Candidates not defined on a class in the “ancestor tree”
  • Rank remaining candidates by:Class,Rule Set,Circumstance,Circumstance Date,Date/time; remove all that are withdrawn or hidden by other withdrawn candidates
  • Set the cache
  • Find best instance(and check to make sure there is not a duplicate)
  • Check that Availability does not show BLOCKED
  • Security

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