What is Forward Chaining and Backward Chaining in Pega


What is Forward Chaining and Backward Chaining and how do you define backward chaining in Rule-Dec-Expression?

how Rule-Dec-Expression will work?

Forward ChainingYou can establish required relationship among properties in a Declare Expression,Constraint, On change and Trigger.When the value of a property is involved in any of the declarative rules, the system checks an internal dependency network for another value that are affected. This is know as Forward Chaining.

BackWard Chaining: Backword chaning exectives declartive expression rules when a value is need for a property rather than when inputs changes.Backword chaning applies to Declartive expression in the Change Tracking tab of calculate value field set to one of the following situations

                                  —>When used, if no value present

                                  —>When used, if Property is missing

                                  —>Whenever used

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