What is a Slice In Pega


What is a Slice In Pega / What is a Slice In PRPC Interview question and answer :

The Developer portal home page provides one-click access to 6 navigation pages known as slices. Click on an image to access the page:

• Pegasystems logo in the upper left corner of the window portal – to return to the home page.
• Process slice- to access the explorer stream to flow in the current application.
• Policy decision slice- To access the declarative network analysis for the current application.
• User interface slice- To access the harness section and flow action rules associated with the application, applies to the class (type of work).
• Integration slice – To access a page of links for integration wizards, services, auditors, and Process Engine API.
• Activity Monitor slice – To access links to reports on the rules, work items, and assignments.
• Case and slice content – for categories of access attachment, matching rules,
the working parts, the properties and the service level rules associated with the current job pool.

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