What are the Prerequisite to connect database from PRPC – In Pega


First we have to install sqljdbc.jar file in

     C:\Program Files\Pegasystems\PegaRULES\apache-tomcat-6.0.10\webapps\prweb\WEB-INF\lib location

 Using Data-Admin-DB-Name class instance we have to configure the external database. this class instance provide 3 tabs namely Database,Advance,History in Database tab it provides 3 options like Use Configuration In Preference, Use JDBC Connection Pool , Use JDBC URL listed below.

  1. Use configuration in preference: It refer to a database/databases/pegarules elements in the prconfig.xml file that define the location,TCP/IP port,a/c name and password
  2.  Use JDBC Connection Pool: To use a connection pool defined by a Java Naming and Directory Interface (JNDI) facility.
  3.  Use JDBC URL listed below: To use a Universal Resource Locator to find the Java Database Connectivity information

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