Tell about ‘Availability’ in Resolution (Yes,No/Draft,Blocked,Final and withdrawn) – Pega


Tell about ‘Availability’ in Resolution (Yes,No/Draft,Blocked,Final and withdrawn) – Pega interview question ?

Yes: Indicates that this rule is available.Rules with a Yes value are visible to rule resolution processing and executed.

No: Indicates that is rule is not availbale and become invisble to the rule resloution algorithm for all users(including yourself). The no setting is useful in experimentation and troubleshooting to assess the effect of two rule version.

              Example: if you are setting “No” status for a rule of version 01-01-03

                           01-01-01,–>visible to rule resolution algorithm

                           01-01-02,–>visible to rule resolution algorithm


                           01-01-04 –>visible to rule resolution algorithm

Blocked: This is a stronger form of No because it affects all lower-numbered versions of the rule and it makes all lowered numberd including this version not to be visible to rule resloution algorithm

             Example: if you setting “BLOCKED” status a rule of version 01-01-03 all lower version are not availble for rule resolution




                                01-01-04–>availble to rule resolution

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