How many types of Flow Actions are in PRPC in Pega


How many types of Flow Actions are in PRPC / what is the difference / what are the standard Flow Actions – in Pega :

A flow action is a choice available to users as an interim or final disposition of an assignment they process. Each flow action is defined by an instance of the Rule-Obj-FlowAction rule type. There are two types of flow actions:

1. Connector flow actions : appear as lines on Visio presentation in the Diagram tab of a flow rule. A line exits from an assignment shape and ends at the next task in the flow. At runtime, users choose a connector flow action, complete the assignment, and advances the work object along the connector to the next task.

  • Approve
  • CancelAssignment
  • ConvertAttachment to PDF
  • EngageExternal
  • Notify
  • NotifyExternal
  • Reject
  • Resolve
  • ResolveAsDuplicate

 2. A local flow action : when selected at runtime, causes the assignment to remain open and on the current user’s worklist. Local flow actions are recorded in the Assignment Properties panel and are not visible on the Visio flow diagram. 

  • AddAachments
  • AddFlow
  • AddToCover
  • AddToFolder
  • AttachAFile
  • AttachANote
  • AttachAScreenShot
  • AttachAUrl

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